Saturday, July 4, 2009

June 2009 (news)

Budapest, Hungary - Patrick was invited to conduct multiple seminars at the European Leadership Conference in Budapest June 8 - 14. First, Patrick led a multi-day seminar teaching high level speakers/trainers how to design interactive seminars and courses that utilize adult learning techniques and keep the audience involved. Then, he taught "Do You Want to Get Lucky?" to over 100 participants who learned how to take their ideas and create opportunities to make things happen. Finally, Patrick conducted a "Head Trainer" course teaching advanced speakers and trainers how to conduct multi-day courses with co-trainers while providing effective feedback and keeping continuity in the course. The experience was fantastic and the city was beautiful.

Marathon, Florida - Patrick conducted a focused workshop in the Keys on how to develop better presentation skills. The workshop was organized by the Marathon Jr. Chamber of Commerce and was attended by attorneys, pastors, sales people and other young professionals looking to improve their speaking skills.