Tuesday, February 4, 2014

November/December 2013 (news)

Tucson, Arizona - Patrick flew out to Arizona to speak to the men's Christian golf group called LINKS in Tuscon Arizona the day after Thanksgiving. He spoke to about 80 people who gathered to hear his inspirational story and how faith helped him overcome adversity.

Scottsdale, Arizona - Two days after Thanksgiving, Patrick spoke again in Scottsdale, Arizona to another Christian men's group about the role of faith in dealing with tragedy.
The Board of Directors for LINKS in Tuscon pose with Patrick and his family.

October 2013 (news)

Fort Lauderdale, Florida: Patrick spoke at a Mental Health Conference to nearly 500 people in Fort Lauderdale, Florida as an inspirational keynote during lunch. Patrick shared his story of triumph over tragedy and talked about the role of faith in getting through such adversity.

Channel 10 in Miami covered the speech along with doing a length interview with Patrick about the fourth anniversary of the incident.  http://www.local10.com/news/survivor-recalls-2009-thanksgiving-day-shooting/-/1717324/23069830/-/ajuxcm/-/index.html