Monday, November 14, 2011

November 2011 (news)

Brussels, Belgium - During the JCI World Congress, Patrick conducted two JCI Official Courses plus the JCI Trainer's Forum. Patrick led the JCI Trainer Course, which is a two day course teaching adult learning techniques. He also conducted JCI Achieve, which is a course that explores best practices for running a non-profit organization. At the Trainer's Forum, Patrick led an open discussion workshop for over 100 trainers and passed out the new manual: Teach, Coach, Train!

Patrick also conducted a brand new seminar at the Brussels Expo Center called Painting With Passion - The Effective Use of Words. Nearly 400 people attended this seminar in Auditorium 500 of the Expo Center in Brussels. This was the first time this seminar was ever offered and it used video, pictures, examples from stage and then practice in the audience to show participants how to paint pictures with words and to speak with their own passion.

October 2011 (news)

Paramaribo, Suriname - Patrick was one of three international trainers brought to Suriname for its first leadership conference called Step Into Leadership. This conference was created locally for government and private sector workers to learn servant leadership, roles of leadership, how to start their own companies and how to lead teams of people. Patrick conducted his Positive Seduction Seminar twice on Friday for groups of 75 people and he facilitated a workshop on leadership roles for smaller groups twice on Saturday.  Subseqent to the leadership conference, Patrick gave a speech called: Overcoming Tragedy: The Role of Faith in the largest wooden Cathedral in the western hemisphere. Afterward, Patrick zip-lined across a river in the jungle interior of Suriname.

September 2011 (news)

Breaking News: Patrick has a new book coming out with advanced training tips and techniques called Teach, Coach, Train! The book is expected to be distributed as a manual in Brussels, Belgium during the Trainer's Forum and will be published later in the year as a book. The first part of the book offers Patrick's insights into becoming a seasoned trainer and the second part of the book is a collection of advanced tips and techniques gathered from trainers around the world. For a copy of the manual, contact Patrick via email:

Saturday, August 13, 2011

July 2011 (news)

Breaking News: Over the past two months, Patrick organized an extensive training program in four major conferences around the world as the Chairman of the JCI Training Commission. The seminars and keynotes ranged from leadership to green sustainability to global commerce. For more information on the conferences click below:

Monday, May 30, 2011

June 2011 (news)

Chicago, Illinois- In the second week of June, Patrick spoke to an overflowing room of young people who came to hear his story of survival and overcoming tragedy. Afterwards, Patrick spoke with the attendees about issues they were facing and how they could continue to move forward.
Lisle, Illinois - Patrick conducted two seminars at the USJC National Convention for young leaders and professionals. The first seminar focused on networking strategies to build relationships. The second seminar taught advanced training skills to high level trainers in the United States.
Tarragona, Spain - Patrick traveled to Tarragona in the first week of June to organize the training seminars during the JCI European Conference. Patrick is the JCI Training Director for the international organization. The seminars were focused on business and individual development. The conference was attended by JCI members from all over Europe.
Recommendation - One new young trainer out of Tunisia that is doing big things in the JCI world is Fares Ben Souilah. He has just been certified as an international trainer in JCI. Please check out his website:

May 2011 (news)

Curacao, Netherlands-Antilles: Patrick traveled to Curacao for the Conference of the Americas, a leadership conference for young professionals in the western hemisphere. Participants from Canada, United States, the Caribbean, Central and South America converged on Curacao for the conference. Patrick taught a course on networking as well as presenting his Positive Seduction seminar.
Vancouver, Canada: Patrick was the key note speaker during the gala dinner at a conference in Vancouver, Canada that focused on developing a new generation of leaders that create real impact in the world. Patrick discussed ways to get connected in the global community and how to use these resources to open up doors for you in business and in life. He also discussed ways to engage business leaders, community leaders and local governments to create positive change in your local communities. In his early session, Patrick taught the Positive Seduction course.

Monday, May 2, 2011

April 2011 (news)

Turrach, Austria - From April 12 - 16, Patrick travelled to the mountains in Austria to a ski resort in Turrach. Patrick was part of the training team for the COC Academy along with Per Stilling (Norway), Deniz Senelt (Turkey) and Olga Majzoub (Lebanon). The COC Academy is a five day intense program teaching participants how to organize large scale conferences (5,000 people+) and how to lead a Conference Organizing Committee (COC) that may include as many as 50 people. The program was a mixture of know-how transfer, training seminars, group activities, outdoor team building, facilitation and team presentations. The COC Academy attracted people from all over the world, including Germany, Syria, Estonia, Ireland, Netherlands, Hungary, Finland, United States, Spain, Romania, Belgium, Austria and many other countries.

March 2011 (news)

Tunisia speech on video.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

February 2011 (news)

Breaking news: Patrick has just completed the fifth revision to the Jumpstart Your Organization manual for reviving and leading any non-profit organization. (original print was 2002). The new manual, in the same easy-to-read format, now is 50 pages long and has new concepts related to use of technology and smaller Board of Director teams. The free on-line manual will be available here shortly. If you want a copy now, please contact Patrick via email and one will be sent asap. (

Thursday, January 6, 2011

January 2011 (news)

Breaking News: Patrick Knight has been appointed as the 2011 Training Director for Junior Chamber International - Worldwide Federation of Leaders and Entrepreneurs. Patrick will head the JCI Training Commission, which has four other members from Suriname, Nigeria, India and Belgium. The Training Commission is responsible for certification of international trainers, developing new leadersip courses and conducting leadership courses around the world. In addition, the Commission will organize the Miami JCI Trainer's Academy in September. For more information regarding the commission, click here: