Friday, May 4, 2012

March / April 2012 (news)

Breaking News: Patrick has taken off two months from speaking to finish his newest book: Blessed to Survive - The Thanksgiving Day Massacre.  The book is in the final edit stages and should be due out this summer. 

February 2012 (news)

Books/manuals: Patrick has authored two new e-books for trainers that are available for free. The first book is geared toward JCI trainers but would be useful for any international trainer. It provides a background of knowledge for a seasoned trainer and then offers tips and techniques gleaned from trainers around the world. It is called Teach, Coach, Train! and it can be downloaded here:

Patrick has also produced a manual of stories from experienced and high-level JCI trainers from around the world regarding their experiences as a trainer. It is a must-read for any up-and-coming trainer who is ready to explode on the international stage. There are more than 30 stories from trainers in the United States, South America. Europe, Africa, and Asia. It is called: Caring and Sharing: Stories of JCI Trainers and this e-book can be downloaded here:

January 2012 (news)

Miami, Florida - Patrick presented a seminar at UA Insurance Company concerning bad faith and insurance claims. Patrick taught a group of adjusters how to avoid the pitfalls of bad faith claims, including claims where a claimant attorney is trying to set up the insurance company.