Friday, September 24, 2010

September 2010 (news)

Miami, Florida - Patrick spoke in a small workshop to people who have experienced major tragedy and/or lost a spouse. Patrick shared his story and the ways he is moving forward with his life after the Thanksgiving Day Massacre.

Breaking News: Patrick Knight was honored as one of the 40 Outstanding Lawyers Under 40 in Miami-Dade County. The award was based on both accomplishments as an attorney as well as leadership skills and contributions to the community. Patrick has been an attorney since 1997 and has tried over 70 cases to jury verdict, including many high exposure cases.

August 2010 (news)

Daytona, Florida - Patrick spoke at a JCI conference in Florida about the value of giving back to your community and ways to be successful in your organizational career. About 125 people were in attendance.

Breaking news: Patrick was bestowed the highest honor in the JCI organization when he was awarded a JCI Senatorship this past month. JCI is a world-wide federation of young leaders and entrepreneurs. Being made a Senator in the organization grants you lifetime membership and is based on your accomplishments and accoldades from your work with the organization. Patrick is Senator #70000.