Monday, February 2, 2015

January 2015 (news)

Miami, Florida - Patrick spoke at FIU to the leadership group JCI Miami. Patrick discussed ways to turn an organization around in the seminar "Jumpstart Your Organization."  Various tips were given about how to find the target audience, how to give value for memberships and how to motivate members to action.

December 2014 (news)

Vero Beach, Florida- On December 5, Patrick spoke at the Indian River College for the regional conference of the Florida Association of Hostage Negotiators. Patrick spoke about how to communicate with and handle people who have hit rock bottom. Patrick shared his story of hitting bottom after tragedy and discussed ways for reaching out to such individuals.

November 2014 (news)

Fort Lauderdale, Florida - Patrick was the keynote speaker on November 5 at the Interfaith Breakfast event organized by the Samaritan Counseling Centers. Patrick spoke about the role of faith in overcoming adversity. About 150 clergy, therapists, counselors and officers were in attendance at the Westin Hotel.

October 2014 (news)

Deerfield Beach, Florida - on October 24, Patrick presented a seminar and talk for the Florida Association of School Social Workers at their annual state conference. Nearly 200 school social workers participated in a program to learn about changing one's attitude and dealing with heavy burdens.

Copenhagen, Denmark - Patrick presented a short seminar to JCI Denmark on how to think creatively as a leader in order to motivate the members of an organization and increase membership size.

Miami, Florida - on October 27, Patrick spoke at the Florida International University - School of Medicine to the American Medical Students Association.  Patrick described his experience in recovery after tragedy when he woke up from a three month coma. He talked about the roles of doctors and nurses in the recovery process  and gave an inside look into the mind of a trauma patient.