Saturday, November 10, 2012

October 2012 (news)

South Florida's WAY-FM

West Palm Beach, Florida - Patrick spoke on 88.1 Way-FM about overcoming tragedy and the role of faith in his recovery. Patrick was interviewed by host Danielle Madsen and spoke at length about his strategies to move forward with his life after the shooting and being in a coma. Check back soon for a link to the radio interview.

Breaking News: Patrick has started a new program through Blessed to Survive where he donates his book to people who have suffered tragedy and to organizations that help people in tragedy. After reading about tragic shootings around the country, Patrick has sent a copy of his book: Blessed to Survive - The Thanksgiving Day Massacre to victims in order to help them gain perspective on their catastrophe. He has also donated boxes of books to hospital ICU's, churches, charities and civic groups both in the United States and abroad. To request a book donation, please visit the Blessed to Survive website and submit your request through the contact form there.  Visit