Monday, June 17, 2013

May/June 2013 (news)

Seattle, Washington - Patrick spoke in Seattle during the TOYA Event for the Ten Outstanding Young Americans. Patrick was one of the recipients of the award for his work with Blessed to Survive. Patrick routinely shares his story of triumph over tragedy and gives away free copies of his book to victims of tragedy as he counsels them with a message of hope. Patrick's message in his acceptance speech was that people need to change their assumptions of others and assume the best in people - assuming that everyone has a legitimate reason for the way they are acting. In this way, we can feel more comfortable to share our own stories of facing and overcoming challenges, which lets others know that they are not alone in facing their struggles.

March/April (news)

Tallinn, Estonia - Patrick gave a seminar for budding young entrepreneurs and business leaders in Estonia in April. The seminar was Do You Want to Get Lucky? (Creating Opportunities).  Participants discovered steps to proactive promotion, finding people to open doors for you and positive decision-making.

Laanemaa, Estonia - Patrick teamed up with Norwegian trainer, Per Stilling to lead the COC Academy for event organizers who are planning large scale conferences. Participants from all over Europe came to Estonia for the four day academy. In addition to private coaching sessions, outdoor activities, training sessions and know-how transfer modules, the Academy allowed participants to work in teams to begin preparation of their own conference. During this Academy, Patrick conducted one seminar called Leadership Roles and the Compassionate Leader.